Is a Bed and Breakfast Accommodation Right for You?

Choosing a bed and breakfast as your type of accommodation is a cool way to personalize your stay, get to know the locals much better, and find a warm and welcoming home at a comparable rate as a major hotel chain.

There are also different kinds of B&B’s which makes choosing the most ideal one an overwhelming task. However, before you search for a bed and breakfast online or offline, make sure that this type of accommodation is suitable for you.

Is a Bed and Breakfast Right for You?

Many travellers choose this form of accommodation, but bed and breakfasts are not right for everyone. Consider booking a B&B if:

  • You prefer a small and more intimate type of accommodation compared to a huge hotel.
  • You prefer a room that is individually decorated with antiques or a certain theme.
  • You love getting to know fellow travellers over a sumptuous communal breakfast.
  • You prefer a charming accommodation over high-end amenities. (Many B&B’s are now adding modern amenities, so ask the innkeeper for more information.)
  • You prefer staying in a residential area or a peaceful rural neighborhood.
  • You are looking for an accommodation with no kids. (A lot of bed and breakfasts do not allow children.)
  • You would love to have a “home away from home.”
  • You enjoy having the personal attention of your innkeeper when you need/ want it.
  • You would want to experience transparent pricing because some hotels have extra hidden charges.

Final Thoughts

Even if you have decided that bed and breakfasts are suitable for your preferences, it is recommended to call the innkeeper before booking online or going to the B&B in order to clarify what was included in the nightly rate and the policies.

While some bed and breakfasts are very simple and cozy, others are more sophisticated and have the same rate as major hotels. Ultimately, evaluating if a B&B is right for you largely depends on your individual preferences, lifestyle, personality, and budget.

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