How to open a B & B – The laws on the Bed and Breakfast


The B & B grows and we receive several requests for information about the opening of a B & B in Italy . Not only that, the B & B is also constantly growing in the preferences of travelers thanks to the diversification of the type of offer that has occurred in recent years and thanks to the widespread distribution throughout the country.

Our managers have been asked to make a rating of satisfaction on what best meets the needs and desires of customers. The reception , with 24.29%, is the voice that has garnered more support (the 2007 report indicated instead accommodation in the first place among the preferences). The appreciation of hospitality in B & B meets the philosophy of the formula of family accommodation where the added value is given by the 360 ​​° discovery of the territory including contact with the people who live in them. However, the quality / price ratio continues to play an important role for the choice of a B & B compared to other accommodation and reception formulas. ( REPORT B ​​& B ITALIA 2011 ).

The bed and breakfast has allowed and allows even those who have reduced economic means to travel or travel longer. Moreover, more and more people feel the need to undertake genuine human relationships and to get in touch with the lifestyle of the land that hosts them during the trip. Staying in Bed and Breakfast allows anyone to experience the unique experience of sharing the lifestyle of the place and the people who live there. Opening a B & B means being able to benefit from an additional family “entry” and to open up to the outside world with the desire to share experiences by transmitting the love for their territory.


According to the Regional Standards in force are family-run accommodation, Bed and Breakfast , accommodation facilities run by private individuals who, using their family organization, use part of their home, with annual or seasonal opening periods and with a number of rooms and limited beds, based on regional sector laws or specific municipal regulations.

The first thing to do to open a B & B is to consult the specific REGIONAL LAW on the subject (see list at the bottom of the page). The Regional Laws refer to the Main Law : Law of 29 March 2001, n. 135 – “Reform of national tourism legislation”, published in the Official Gazette no. 92 of 20 April 2001 .

Subsequently you need to access via the Internet or go to the SUAP counter of the relevant Municipality to collect the forms necessary for the Declaration of Commencement of Activities. The SCIA (Certified Initiation Report) , is the new procedure that replaces the DIA (Statement of Start Activities) . The advantage offered by this new tool is that with the presentation of the SCIA the opening of the accommodation is immediate .

The documents necessary for the complete definition of the practice must be attached to SCIA , by means of paper or electronic means. The annexes vary from region to region and you can move from the layout of the house to the property or rental contract, to get to the copy of the liability insurance policy in favor of the customers.

The next steps concern the start of the practices, managed by the local AAPIT or by the Tourist Offices, for the classification of the structure and for the monitoring and communication of the guests to the Public Safety Authorities. Regarding these procedures, the competent offices should be consulted as there could be differences between the region and the region .

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