7 Widely Accepted B&B Myths

With the rise of traveling as a bucket-list item and, for many, a right of passage (college graduation party in Berlin, anyone?), Bed & Breakfasts have become popular accommodation solutions.

This being said B&Bs have been around for decades and have developed a number of associated myths that can make them seem unappealing. Here are a few of the most widely known myths and the truth (or lack thereof) behind them.

1. B&B’s are for the elderly.

While it’s true that in the movies elderly couples tend to flock to B&Bs, real life establishments are diverse in who stays. Most B&B’s do limit their guest lists to adults, however, in order to maintain a quiet, stress-free place for relaxing.

Otherwise, you’ll find guests of all ages and from all walks of life, with the elderly enjoying the peace and quiet and millennial’s getting fantastic, Instagram worthy photos.

2. B&Bs exclusively serve fatty, unhealthy food.

Breakfast is a highly anticipated occasion and B&Bs. This being said,  it had a reputation for being jam packed with fatty, unhealthy foods that have been fried or otherwise processed and “enhanced”.

To battle this myth, many establishments offer small portions and have added wholesome dishes such as oatmeal and fruit into their breakfast spreads

3. B&Bs only serve breakfast.

As we said, breakfast is a popular time of day. However, it isn’t the only occasion where food is served at a B&B. Many also serve lunch and dinner that rival breakfast in terms of taste and variety, as well as health.

Some B&Bs may offer snacks during the day, as well.

 4. B&Bs have shared bathrooms.

One of the longest running B&B myths is that they require guests to share bathrooms. This, however, isn’t true at all.

In fact, 95% of B&Bs offer private bathrooms, with some even offering Jacuzzi for guest use. This statistic includes small, local establishments.

5. B&Bs don’t offer discounts.

Everyone wants a great price on their accommodation. Luckily, despite popular belief, B&Bs do offer this. In many cases, establishments will offer discounts for extended stays or for booking ahead of time, much like traditional hotels.

6. B&Bs don’t boast have extra services.

B&Bs are said to be boring and lack on-site luxuries and services. However, most B&B’s -even small scale establishments- actually do offer a variety of luxuries.

These can include spa services, a pool and/or gym, a salon, and room service. If you’re looking for a B&B with extra services, inquire before booking.

7. B&Bs are dingy and unappealing.

Since B&B’s are generally smaller than their franchised counterparts, hotels, they have gained the reputation of being dingy and second-rate.

Thankfully, they are just as cozy -if not more so- than large hotel chains. This is because they offer fewer rooms and can afford to splurge on unique decor and luxury items.

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