5 of the Biggest AC Duct Cleaning Myths

AC duct cleaning is important- regardless of where you live. In dusty areas of the United States such as Las Vegas, though, it’s even more important. Dust gets trapped inside of air ducts and can cause a number of problems. Luckily, AC duct cleaners in Las Vegas are specially trained to conduct thorough duct cleaning. They are also knowledgeable of the facts and myths surrounding duct cleaning..to enlighten you, as well, here are a few of the myths surrounding it.

Air ducts don’t get dirty.

Many homeowners have been told that air ducts don’t really get dirty- that the myth of dirty ducts is just a scheme to help duct cleaning companies make money. This, however, is a myth itself. Air ducts do get dirty and do require cleaning. Ducts gather dust, pollen, and allergens,  and can even house pest infestations such as that of cockroaches and mice.

Duct cleaning requires harsh chemicals.

It’s a deep-seated myth that duct cleaning uses harsh chemicals to get the job done. In reality, though, duct cleaning can be done without the use of harsh chemicals- or any chemicals at all. Duct cleaning can be done using environmentally friendly chemicals that are non-toxic, or can be done with simple solutions such as hot water and soap if a homeowner is concerned about the use of chemicals inside of their AC system. Most companies avoid using chemicals altogether.

Only dehumidifying AC units house germs.

Moisture inside of the air duct system is the number one cause of germs within the system, making systems with dehumidifiers prime targets for pesky bacteria and fungi. However, almost all systems contain a drip tray that collects the water that is produced by the everyday use of the unit. If the drainage area of the drip tray becomes blocked and water is allowed to pool, any kind of system can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Ducts only become dirty if AC is used.

This is a commonly believed myth but in reality it’s nothing more than wishful thinking. Air ducts become dirty regardless of the type of air passing through the system- hot or cold, clean or dirty. Any duct that is used for heat or ventilation will eventually need to be cleaned because even if it isn’t used often or is used to cool the home specifically, it still collects dust and allergens as an old book that has been sitting on a shelf for a long time would collect dust.  

Dirty air ducts don’t affect your health.

When air ducts accumulate dirt and allergens that are allowed to sit inside of the ducts because they aren’t cleaned, you’re asking for a number of health problems to occur. When your system is turned on, whatever was hiding inside of the ducts is released into the air and circulated around your home. If you have allergies or sensitivities to certain particles, this circulation can leave you feeling unwell. Clean air ducts are less likely to cause health problems.

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